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How To Watch Free Unblocked Movies: The advent of technology and internet has made it so easy to access full unblocked movies online. With fast internet connections, it becomes feasible and easy to download HD Movies online effortlessly.

There are couples of ways to watch movies online free unblocked. Although different movie download websites give you the ample opportunity to access full unblocked movies online from the convenience of your home on your desktop, laptops as well as mobile phones, but some of them are illegal to use, and you could eventually violate the copyright and privacy laws. Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure you download copyright free movies online.

There are various websites which offer movies that are available freely for download over the internet without any charge. Couple of years ago, the main reason for releasing most of these free unblocked movie sites was actually to popularize the upcoming movies by providing the audience with the preview of what is to be expected in the full features of the film. Since then, releasing online movies for download has been known to be strategically used in the marketing industry.

In addition, these free HD movies are always available online for anyone to download freely without any string attached. The best tools for downloading these free movies are computers and laptops as said earlier. You just need to install a media player to run these movies on your systems.

10 Websites To Watch Full Unblocked Movies 2019

Below is the list of 10 best websites to download movies.

The Internet Archive

The internet archive is known to be a goldmine for lovers of movies and music. You can download thousands of full unblocked movies from the internet archive. It is one of the available free movies website that is entirely legal.


Retrovision is also one of the few legal free movie download website available online. When you visit this website, you will have a whole lot of classic movies, and all types of movies of your choice. It has a very easy interface where you can search for the type of movie you want. When you sign up for their newsletter, you can get an update on the newly available free movies on the website.


Youtube has a whole lot of free movies that you can download or watch unblocked with no string attached. You can enjoy so many channels and videos from YouTube without necessarily paying a dime. These videos are 100% available and free on Youtube. You can also watch premium movies on Youtube by paying a fraction of the cost.


This free video download website has a lot of downloadable videos on offer. It is known to be originally owned by Sony technologies. Here, you need to define your priorities to get access to the available movies. All you need do is a simple signup, and you’re good to go. One of the things that makes crackle a unique website is that it offers various free movies download that you cannot get free on other websites.

Open Culture

This website is known to offer a lot of different and exciting movies from all over the world. It was founded exactly 11 years ago, and since then it has been making a remarkable impact in the movie and entertainment industry with its best service. It has about 6 main sections and an excellent collection of different types of movies available for download. Open culture is also one of the legal websites you can trust.


Here you can get, full movies unblocked of all types you want for your enjoyment for free. For the HD lovers, this website promises to offer you the best hardcore hollywood movies to download. This website is unique as you don’t need to sign up before you have access to the movies. 123movieshub provides a download option for easy download.

123 movies

123movies is one of the remarkable free movie website of 2018 with its unique features that make this website outstanding. On this website, not only can you download your desired movies, but you can also watch various movies unblocked without any ads popping up on the screen. It doesn’t require your membership or sign up. To download movies here, a simple single click would do the job effortlessly.


This is really the best option for anyone who wants to enjoy a whole lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It has a complete mixture of the Bollywood and Hollywood, so you have a whole lot of options to choose from on this website. There is usually a continuous update on the website to feed you with the latest types of Bollywood and Hollywood free movies download.


This website has a unique satisfactory resolution that aids your enjoyment while watching the movies downloaded from this website. This is one of the great websites you will love to visit again, and again, and again for your Hollywood and Bollywood free movies download.

SSR Movies

If you need to download your favorite type of unblocked movies instantly without any form of headaches, then consider trying SSR movies. One of the main reasons why many prefer to download movies from SSR movies is the fact that you use is conveniently on your device.

You can watch the movies downloaded from SSR movies on your Smartphones; it has a unique space for translation where you can translate your Hollywood movies easily into the language of your choice and enjoy your time watching movies. With a single search button, you can get access to a whole lot of movies.

Why Free Movie Streaming Is So Popular – Full Unblocked Movies

Various factors have made it possible to download unblocked movies online over the couple of years. One of the factors is actually the development of a more efficient compression technology that makes it possible to compress the video files into a much smaller size that can easily be accessed and downloaded for the conveniences of users.

Another reason why free movie download has become widely known is the fact that there are fast internet connections everywhere. In real sense, these video movies can be downloaded within a few minutes effortlessly without consuming much of data making the whole process much faster, convenient and accessible than the way it used to be before.

So to determine how long the whole downloading process takes, it depends actually on the type of internet connection. The speed of your internet service connection determines to a very large extent the possible time it can take to complete a download. Also, the time taken to download a complete HD movie can also be determined by the server or internet service you are downloading the movie from.

So in a nutshell, your internet connections, as well as the server you’re downloading the movies from are the two major factors that determine the time taken to download your unblocked movies.

On this note, the advent of free movies download online has really received a whole lot of attention in the media.


If you really need a website to download free unblocked movies whether Hollywood or Bollywood, then the above listed best websites to download free movies are perfect matches that suit your interest. These are completely legal websites that you’ll really enjoy. They are user-friendly, mobile friendly, and with a single click; you can download all your favorite movies within a short span of time.

They also offer you a fast download once your computer. These can also be accessed freely and you can download a whole lot of movies that interest you. But note that, the faster your connection, the better the download and vice versa. So stay tuned and enjoy the best of latest movies from these websites.

Best Websites To Watch Full Unblocked Movies
  • Youtube
  • The Internet Archive
  • Retrovision
  • Crackle
  • Open Culture
  • 123movieshub
  • 123movies
  • Moviescounter
  • Movies4star
  • SSR Movies


This is a comprehensive list of top websites where you can watch full unblocked movies. You can use any of the above websites to watch free movies online. Our top recommendations would definitely be Youtube and Internet Archive.


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