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Kissanime Alternatives: Have you ever taken a moment to think about how anime fans cope even before the current generation fans were able to get their latest series? I could remember those days when the first generation fans watched their anime mostly on VHS. Anime came all the way from Japan, and since then, has gained lots of popularity in the entertainment industries.

Best Anime Sites - Kissanime alternatives 2018

In a nutshell, anime generation has taken over the world by storm. Therefore, it is no longer news that kids and grown adults are now clamoring to get anime video downloads from the comfort of their homes. In this article, we will discuss some of the best kissanime alternatives to watching anime videos and movies.


As said earlier, it originated from Japan during the 19th century. This computer animation has a way of attracting all ages groups in almost all countries in the world because it has successfully gained lots of audience to its side. There are lots of fans following this computer animation.

Computer animation has grown extensively with its well-written storylines. Animations can only be found on the internet, and several websites offer this service at a no cost on the internet. The good news is that you can comfortably watch and stream these videos from the web freely.


Kissanime is a well-known anime streaming platform where you can easily download and stream anime freely online. Kissanime has a well-known functionality that everyone enjoys. In this article, we shall discuss some of the sites like kissanime where you can stream anime videos for free. And the good news is that some of these Kissanime alternatives are better off than kissanime itself, and are available to explore online freely.

There are different unique, fantastic, and exciting episodes of anime that you can find in these alternatives to Kissanime when you stream online.  Alternatively, if you want to surf other websites to enjoy your anime, then the following are the best kissanime alternatives that you can opt for. Also, check this list of best websites to watch free unblocked movies online.

10 Best Kissanime Alternatives 2018

1. Crunchyroll

This is one of the most visited and updated websites for anime, and it is also an excellent alternative to kissanime. It offers viewers extensive slideshow of the recently uploaded anime for the benefit of the viewers. It is most preferred because it provides an excellent matchup for other anime services when compared to the kissanime.

Although it is free, it is only for limited content. If you want to enjoy the best of this service, then you need to pay a small price.

2. Masterani

With a very compact design, Masterani is one of the prominent kissanime alternative animation website. It offers incredible service and extensive collection of anime experience. It provides a platform to check the next update and the coming series. This website categorizes all the anime in different category ranging from the action to comedy to adventure and a host of others.

3. AnimeFreak

Here, you can get unlimited contents of anime videos for free. Although it has lots of ads and banners displayed on the website, yet, the fun that comes with the anime is unlimited.

Animefreak is a good option for anyone who wants to be familiar with anime, although it is not well-organized, yet, it is an excellent option to visit.

4. Chia-anime

Everyone in the anime industry understands how similar this website works with kissanime. They have a same feel, design, and its level of versatility is very similar to that of the kissanime. It has a database that is most fantastic among others on the alternative list.

5. Animelab

The experience you get from this website also is unlimited; in fact, it gives a direct representation of what an anime website should look like, although it cannot be accessed by everyone as it is limited to some countries. To enjoy the full access of this anime, you need to pay for the premium plan. This anime works only in Australia and New Zealand. For anyone who likes to enjoy his or her time with great anime, then this website is for you.

6. Animeseason

Anime has gone beyond being an ordinary animation website. This website provides great fun for the viewers and the opportunity for the audience to vote for their interest in the type of anime they would like to go for. It has one of the highest visitors, and it is a fantastic website that is recommended for everyone.

7. 9anime

This is another great anime website recommended for the lovers of anime videos. It gives you the opportunity to watch an English anime online anytime, and you can also request your favorite anime video most especially if your choice of anime is not available on the platform. It is an excellent alternative to kissanime and provides you with the best experience ever.

8. Funimation

We cannot conclude the list of kissanime alternatives without mentioning Funimation as it is mostly available for most Americans only to stream and watch anime from this website. It has a unique function as it is known as the most significant and number one provider of anime videos in North America.

If you want to gain access to this website, there is need to sign up an account with them. You can also access this website from internet-enabled smartphones.

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9. Anilinkz

For everyone who loves to have a free surf for anime videos, then this is the best option ever. You can get different series of anime videos and lots of collections just like kissanime. This is one of the factors why it is considered one of the best anime videos and alternative to kissanime.

It comes with a very clean and beautiful interface, and searching for your favorite anime on this website is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to search for the category of anime videos, and you can quickly get the full list of different anime on the website with the search option. It is affordable and suitable for all anime users.

10. GoGoAnime

It is known as one of the most versatile free online anime website providing a similar service and versatility to Kissanime. Every service offered on this website is free, and you can conveniently search for your favorite anime videos using titles and alphabets.

Final Words

This was our list of the best Kissanime alternatives to watch anime online. We hope this will help you in finding the best anime videos of your choice. If you have any more suggestions for good anime sites then do write to us in comments and we promise to update the list to benefit all our readers.

Best Kissanime Alternatives
  • Crunchyroll
  • Masterani
  • AnimeFreak
  • Chia-anime
  • Animelab
  • Animeseason
  • 9anime
  • Funimation
  • Anilinkz
  • GoGoAnime


You can go for any of these kissanime alternatives to watch your favorite anime videos. All of them have a good library and you will find almost every anime you are looking for here. What are you waiting for now!! Enjoy watching.

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