Best Kodi Alternatives To Use As Media Player

best kodi alternatives

The advent of Kodi has dramatically allowed people to easily watch their favorite shows and fantastic programs on demand even at a lower cost than the usual traditional dish services or cables. In the actual sense, Kodi has come with lots, and lots of great features and compatibility making viewers enjoy every bit of their moments in the comfort of their homes.

In the next paragraph, we shall briefly look at Kodi and its five best alternatives.

Kodi is known primarily as the best award-winning free open-source software in the media center. It runs smoothly on Linux, iOS, Android and a host of others. It comes with ten user interface which can be connected to your living room TV and remote control panel. Even right from the comfort of your couch, you can easily enjoy Kodi. It is essential to understand that Kodi doesn’t provide any media file, as it depends on the content from the user or third party online platform.

Kodi was officially released in the year 2002 even though its development was independently named Xbox Media Center for Xbox game console. The continuous development of technology in the use and production of Kodi has made it a significant digital streaming player with its easy to use interface, and user-friendly platform making it conveniences for everyone.

Kodi provides lots of features like music, TV shows, games and pictures, and movies. Kodi can be used to play all types of music and has a cue sheet and smart playlist to control your music collection, and has a high movie streaming ability as it also supports all kinds of video formats and easy movie importation. 

Kodi can easily handle your favorite TV shows too and provides a medium for playing and recording live TV shows. Note, Kodi made use of the internet connection and known as one of the most efficient quality streaming devices. In short, Kodi comes with lots of fantastic features. Also read, this good article on how to watch 3D movies on PC using VLC media player.


Kodi is the talk of the town, and nothing can be compared to the fantastic benefits of using Kodi. Aside from the fact that it is easy to use, it is also a flexible media center in the media world. Staying at home and getting everything done is pretty easy as it helps you in managing your home media library and using add-ons in streaming excellent contents globally.

Although a lot of free unblocked movie streaming websites like 123movies now come with their own built-in media players. But do you know that there are other ones similar to Kodi that provide great, comfortable, and fantastic services? In the next few lines, we shall discuss some of the noticeable open-source software that also comes with lots of great features very similar to Kodi. Some of them come with a customized interface; numerous add-ons, excellent community support, and services, opportunities to manage and control your media on different devices and create a nice environment to enjoy your videos, music, TV shows from the comfort of your home.

The followings are the list of the five best Kodi Alternatives

1. Plex

One of the best 5 Kodi alternatives is Plex. Of course, no one can talk about the alternatives without mentioning Plex. It has an efficient and a well-functioning centralized solution making it possible to handle and manage your media the same way Kodi does. One of the significant advantages of using Plex is the fact that its working depends entirely on a server and not dedicated computer. Using this app will make it possible to stream, and access different platform worldwide with the different operating system. It can work correctly on all Windows, iOS, Android devices, Linux and Mac.

2. Emby

For a very long time, Emby has been known as one of the most efficient and capable open-source software that can work similarly to Kodi. Emby is software that is server dependent with high official support for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. With this software, accessing media is pretty easy using the internet interface or through Emby mobile applications and game consoles.

This provides an alternative option to Kodi and mostly preferred by viewers to Plex.

3. OSMC (Open Source Media Center)

If you want something that is more versatile and open, then you need to try this open-source software. OSMC is an acronym for Open Source Media Center. And it is known as a no-brainer type of open-source-software. It has the ability f bringing a modified version of Kodi experience to some platforms that would be difficult to have it. Some of these platforms are Apple TV and Raspberry Pi.

Although it has a little different interface different from Kodi, yet, it comes with fantastic and great features like Live TV, TV tuner support, and local library streaming functions. Also, it provides excellent support for all Kodi add-on.

4. MediaPortal

Among all the Kodi above alternatives, Media platform is the only one that works only on Windows. In fact, it is Windows-based open-source software although it works similarly to Kodi, users can operate this software and record live TV shows, and easily install plugins. There is easy customization of this software as it has a way of changing its skin and manages multiple types of media and contents. This software should be your first stop if you need Windows-based software with fantastic media center alternative to Kodi.

5. Stremio

Last but not the least is Stremio. Stremio works efficiently on Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Mac. It is media software that records and supports playback of local media and live TV. Some of the features that come with Stremio are instant playback; add-on supports, Auto subtitling, and its ability to send media to other devices, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Stremio is a reliable alternative to Kodi and provides better comfort for viewers from the comfort of their home.

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Do check out these media players if you are looking for an alternative to Kodi media center. These are some of the best media players which support a large type of media files. We look forward to your reviews on them in the comments!

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