Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video – Which Streaming Service To Pick?

netflix vs amazon prime video

Video streaming is very popular nowadays. And it does come with some pretty interesting options out there. You don’t have to worry about anything here, as long as you want to stream content, there are plenty of opportunities to focus on. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are among some of the best streaming services to watch unblocked movies online. But you can’t really use two of them at the same time, it doesn’t make sense. So you have to figure out if either Amazon Prime Video or Netflix will be the one for you!

Pricing / Plans

Netflix has multiple plans you can choose. You pay $7.99 for no HD and 1 stream at a time each month. At $9.99 per month, you have HD and 2 streams, if you want ultra HD and 4 streams you will pay $11.99. There’s no yearly option here, which may be a bit of a bummer for some people. Check Netflix plans here.

Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, is $10.99 per month or $99 per year and you get limited 4K Content and a single stream at a time. Some countries have a smaller price, but there are the same restrictions.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video supports fewer devices, and the limited stream number does make it less appealing to people that want to enjoy quality streaming. Still, it does have lots of content.

Trial version

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix will allow you 1 month to try out their services. You will need this to see which one suits your needs the most. It’s a very interesting way for both services to hook you during that first month, and it does work quite nicely in that regard.


Amazon Prime Video and Netflix do have quite a lot of originals. Amazon Prime Video has 2017 TV titles and 18163 movies. Netflix, on the other hand, has 6155 movies and 2604 TV titles. Amazon Prime Video has some great originals like The Grand Tour, Transparent, Hand of God and Mr. Robot, etc. Netflix has Stranger Things, the Marvel Netflix series, Arrested Development, Black Mirror, The Crown, House of Cards and many others. If you like anime movies then do check out these kissanime alternatives to watch anime movies for free.

Interface / User Experience

Netflix has a very intuitive interface. It’s clear that the interface was adjusted for mobile, as it does work very well and it’s adaptable, which brings in front its own fair share of benefits and great ideas. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has a cluttered interface, which makes browsing content here a lot harder. That’s why the Netflix interface wins here. It can be improved for sure, but the way they created the interface, how they offer recommendations and how you can check the episodes is nothing short of convenient. It just works extremely well, and you definitely have a tremendous return on investment when you use this.

Watching content

This is where Amazon Prime Video comes back into play. They added rewind and fast forward buttons that you can use whenever you want, and if you want to learn more about the actors, you can do that with the x-ray feature. Netflix’s approach is simple, but it still offers an immaculate experience that you will appreciate and enjoy. They did a tremendous job with the entire process, and it just goes to show that you will enjoy the entire process more than you would imagine. Overall, it’s a great experience on both platforms, and it’s more about what you enjoy to see rather than the content you may want to check out and enjoy.

It’s a bit problematic that you need to have the entire Amazon app suite installed in order to get your instant videos, that can be a bit of a problem. But in the end, it’s still a good option and one that will work quite nicely for you if you adapt everything correctly and in a meaningful way. You just need to have the right amount of patience here.

TV shows

Since each person likes different TV shows, it’s hard to state which one of the two has better content. Both of them try to bring in front shows that have HBO quality content. Amazon Prime Video has more of a blunt force approach when it comes to value and quality, which is a nice thing to consider in here. There are lots of challenges you have to deal with when you want to find a TV show, but both platforms do a good job at offering recommendations and helping you figure out what content works for you and what doesn’t.

Image quality

Some would say that Netflix has a better image quality, as they added the best quality at first and they also were the first ones to bring in 4K streaming too. The content they have is tremendously shot, and it works extremely well. They also have HDR support, although you do need an HDR TV if you want to enjoy this feature, so it’s not exactly the simplest thing out there.

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Conclusion – Which one is the best?

That’s always up to you. Each person may like different exclusives, so that will limit the market a bit. On the other hand, you also have to think about the fact that Netflix does have a whole lot more exclusives in the works right now, some said more than 1000 are in various stages of development. Amazon did improve its platform in recent times too. And as a whole, Netflix does have an edge, but it’s a small one and it won’t really be higher that much.

So it all comes down to convenience. If you like the idea of streaming to multiple devices with your family, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have that and Netflix does. The price is also a bit higher if you just want to be a solo content viewer. So, Amazon Prime Video is great for people that want a larger movie library, whereas Netflix works well if you want pristine video quality and more compatibility with devices. But in the end, they are both solid options no matter what!

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