Putlocker Proxy & Mirror Sites | Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Unblocked Movies

Putlocker Proxy Mirror Sites

Putlocker is an online video streaming platform where you can watch free movies and TV series. Putlocker was started way back in 2011 in UK and became one of the most visited sites on the internet for video streaming.

The website was later banned in many countries like UK, Canada, US etc. by the law agencies for copyright violations. 

How To Unblock Putlocker

There are 2 ways for accessing PutLocker website i.e either by using VPN services or by using Putlocker proxy/mirror sites. Both these methods can be used to access Putlocker blocked either by your government or Internet Service Provider(ISP). 

Using VPN is a secure way of accessing blocked websites but majority of VPN services put a load of load on your network thus, reducing the streaming speed of your target website. Also, not all VPN services are free.

Good VPN Options: NordVPN, Hide My Ass, Express VPN

So, in order to watch movies for free on Putlocker, you can use Putlocker Proxy/Mirror sites we have listed below.

NOTE: We do not support any piracy and this article is only for information purpose.

Putlocker Proxy/Mirror Sites

Putlocker proxy or mirror sites are clone websites of Putlocker managed on different domain names allowing users to access Putlocker index and content.

We have listed down some of the top working Putlocker proxy/mirror sites.





All these Putlocker mirror sites offer the same content with similar interface. You can use any of the above listed Putlocker proxy site to access Putlocker for free.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Since Putlocker is blocked in many countries, a lot of alternatives for Putlocker have cropped up in the market allowing users to watch free unblocked movies and TV series. 


123Movies in undoubtedly one of the most popular movie streaming platform and offers a large library of movies and TV shows. You can watch all the latest movies and TV series on 123movies unblocked for free.


Another good alternative to Putlocker is FMovies, which is also very popular among movie enthusiasts. Just like Putlocker, FMovies is also banned by a lot of governments, so you need to use proxy sites for watching movies on FMovies.


Popcornflix is another such platform where you can watch latest movies without spending any money. Popcornflix has a wide catalogue of movies and offers everything from action to comedy to sci-fi and romance.


If you are not happy with the above options, you can also try SolarMovie. SolarMovie provides a large library for streaming movies and TV shows online.


Despite the government bans, the Putlocker community has been able to access the content all around the world. You can use any of the Putlocker mirror sites listed above to watch movies. We all like watching free movies online and we hope that this article will help you in accessing the Putlocker website unblocked. 

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