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123Movies Unblocked: Are you among those who complain about the fact of not having enough movies in your video library? Then, the only person we can blame for this is “You”. The only reason why you’ve not been able to achieve this much is the fact that you’ve been stopping your imagination.

But you can now start having a library that contains a large number of free movies online to watch. You can have the biggest video library among all your friends and families.  All it takes is visiting a 123Movies website to watch free unblocked movies online. Even though there are different free movies platforms online but not all of them are pretty efficient and fantastic as 123Movies.

From 123Movies, you can easily access old movies, documentaries, TV shows, and musicals to name a few of the exciting things you’ll always find when you visit 123Movies to watch free movies online. There are lots of new movies yet to be discovered by you. Thankfully,  you can find all videos and movies of your choice when you search for 123Movies unblocked to download free movies online.

There are so many trendy movies that are available at 123Movies that you may not have heard of. The platform has lots of great features for the enjoyment of the viewers with a fantastic world-class HD video quality.

How To Get 123Movies On Your Computer

123movies Unblocked


As a result of the ban experienced by this platform, there has been a need to understand how to get 123Movies unblocked on your system, and as a matter of fact, this live streaming movie platform was able to enthrall the platform users that make use of its fantastic features which is known for its genuine mobility, user friendly and simplistic touches.

NOTE: We do not support any piracy and this article is only for information purpose.

This made it pretty convenient for PC or laptop users together with a high-speed internet connection to have access to the online movies platform. Also, with cutting-edge technology, development, and improvements in the use of mobile gadget, it has also become pretty easy to access 123Movies unblocked freely, effortlessly on our fingertips.

After the government has successfully sucked out the fun from the lives of many users and viewers; they have also successfully and repeatedly digitalized the paid entertainment industry in the recent years.

But in the actual sense, there are different ways that users and viewers can employ to easily get access to 123Movies and get it unblocked on their system.

One of the best methods to adopt is when you use Chromecast interface making the whole process easier.  When you connect your Chromecast interface to Kodi, you’ll be able to access 123Movies effortlessly and unblock all your favorite shows to enjoy the best movies on the platform with your family.

Below are some defined procedures that would save you from lots of stress instead of putting more attention to a search for terminologies and keywords like unblocked 123 movies, 123 movies to unblock, 123Movies proxy websites, 123Movies free, and 123 movies, you can effortlessly follow this guide and have 123Movies unblocked on your system.

Update: 123Movies has now been rebranded to GoMovies. Don’t get confused if you are redirected.

Access 123Movies Unblocked: Using VPN

VPN allows you to access internet unblocked. VPN also prevents tracking of your online activities and allows you to open all blocked websites. Follow the steps below to use a VPN.

  • Sign Up A VPN – A fast service provider ensures good streaming quality.
  • VPN encrypts all your traffic and protects the privacy of users.
  • VPN helps you to unblock various Geo-restricted websites

Good VPN Options: NordVPN, Hide My Ass, Express VPN.

Access 123Movies Unblocked: Using Proxy Server

A proxy server is another option for accessing blocked movie websites online but it does allow you to browse anonymously. Therefore, we suggest you use a VPN if you have a choice. Below are some of the best proxy servers.

Alternatives To 123Movies :

Here are some of the best alternatives to 123Movies to watch free movies online:

The Internet Archive


Read more about these websites similar to 123Movies to watch full unblocked movies.

123Movies Unblocked – Free Movie Streaming

123Movies is a renowned movie website that offers quality live streaming and improves the cinematic experience for everyone. This is indeed a well-known and popular name among other service providers that people have engaged in while seeking a reliable movie provider online to improve their cinematic experience.

123movies unblocked -watch free movies unblocked

With its high-end HD video quality live streaming at brilliant costs, 123Movies has been able to fully establish itself as the best and renowned website available to watch free unblocked movies online without downloading.

As a top-notch free movie online service provider, 123Movies have recently created a world-class niche for itself by creating a comfortable and reliable service for everyone freely. In actual sense, 123Movies is known to be one of the best websites to watch unblocked fantastic movies because of its global achievements and popularities over others. The interface of the site has various excellent features to give the best to its viewers.

Anyways, it is worthless to mention that 123Movies provides fantastic features. This is the reason why its viewers need to use its services, as it is globally known to release movies the following day after it’s been released.

As a result of these, some countries like the United Kingdom ended up banning this free movies platform. This made users turn their attention to finding an alternative and proxies to 123Movies. This made users doing their best in finding workable and efficient VPNs to gain access to 123Movies websites. In respect to this, users have been able to spread their keywords over different phrases to access the platform.

Their viewer’s search and phrases have been able to explain the reasons why people had become so much dependent on 123Movies that created a friendly and convenient platform for movies online.


We hope that you must have enjoyed reading the article. This article will serve as a guide for you to watch free unblocked movies online on 123movies. 123Movies in undoubtedly the best movie streaming platform where you can watch unblocked HD movies on 123movies website for free and without registration.

Do not forget to write to us in comments, if you have any suggestions for watching free online movies and if you any queries.



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